Thursday, 8 December 2016

Small Works on Wood

In November I purchased some very small wood blocks from my favourite store, Iron Oxide Art Supplies. They measured only 4" x 6". I had already been painting on 5' x 5" and 6" x 6", making little birds on mandala backgrounds. I thought it might be fun to paint something very small and singular and simple. What came to be were these four different flowers:

Art Nouveau Flower
Medieval Tulip
Medieval Flower
Kitchen Nook Flower

Artichoke Flower

 What I really enjoyed about painting these was the process of colour mixing and also what I call "the confidence of completion", that is, I am so very famous for having unfinished paintings lying around, but when you make such a small creation, it's possible to actually finish it in one sitting. All of these are oils on wood, and the background is van dyke brown on balsam, the various grains adding their markings depending also on the layers I applied. The pink Art Nouveau Flower sold at the Commons Christmas Fair, and I hope to bring the remaining flowers and any others I can complete to this weekend's Agricultural Fair at our Community Hall. 
Because the wood is 1.5" deep, these pieces can be hung on a wall or door, or simply stand on a shelf or mantel to display. I have so many ideas for more, and they are helping me prepare for my larger paintings!