Tuesday, 7 February 2012

There Will Always Be Beautiful Things

Nearly every single day we seem to break a plate or cup or some piece of pottery in this house...ba da bing.

(yesterday I simply opened the fridge door and my favourite vivid cadmium red salad plate crashed to the floor,  the onion that was on it rolling peevishly into the corner as if to say "it was because of me")

(too often a  foot faux "paw" occurs when we fall into bed with our midnight snacks or wine glasses sitting haphazardly on the foot board.....toss....kick....crash, ah, decadence!)

(then there is the too predictable but somehow always unpreventable happy dog swinging tail triple flip....whoops...I should not have said the word "W.A.L.K."....my mottled handcrafted vase from  Italy placed on too low a table....ka ~ ding!!)

As we pile the broken pieces in their ever-growing resting place on the porch railing, our refrain has become, sing it with me,  "There Will Always Be Beautiful Things"... but the colours and shapes are too magical to throw out... so, I'm going to start a crockery garden! One has to be careful as pets can cut themselves on the sharp edges....so I'll need to find a safe and secluded but within-view corner to make my artful garden, and keep the sharp edges under earth. A spring project! Maybe a mosaic may be another way to go. 

Yesterday I went out to add another broken cup to the pile and noticed that someone dear to me had arranged the broken plates into a smiley face. That cheered me up. It's true, there will always be beautiful things, but loving and funny people are not so easy to replace!

"Smile, though your plate is breaking..."

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