Monday, 31 March 2014

Pink Moon

I finished this painting tonight, that is, I am feeling it is done, except for maybe a few fine details. The barn owl might be a little too blue. This painting began with the image of the young girl, and her face was best left the way it was early on...I overpainted her in my opinion...but that was OK, as it all began to flow in a sort of vivid style after that. The owls, the salmon, the moon, the trees, the young girl in the deerskin hat....she is bright and optimistic and at peace, her spirit animals are the owls and the salmon....deep down I think this painting is to honour the wild salmon, the owls are the guardians of their brother fish, and so is the young woman. I suppose even the moon is pink because it is here to stay. It just seems right to title it Pink Moon, and many people of a certain age will find themselves singing the song by Nick Drake, which is fine by me. 

                                     Pink Moon ~ Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

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  1. Beautiful Ranza, very inspiring and your work!