Sunday, 28 June 2015

Exotic & Erotic

I began this painting before we's based on two entwined erotic figures of the Khajuraho Hindu Temple in India. It's done in oils and I still feel it requires a lot more detail. K loves it just the way it is and other friends say it looks complete. That's pleasing to hear, but I keep hovering over the idea of fine tuning it. I admit, there is some peace and beauty in it's vague, relaxed style and simple palette.

Khajuraho Kama Sutra ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 24" x 36"

Right now it sits on a long wooden table in my bedroom, casting a serene and sensual effect next to my bed. 

 When the new store called THE HIVE Emporium opened up in the village here, I was excited to see they were carrying a line of linens imported from India called Maiwa Handprints (via the Granville Island Store Maiwa in Vancouver) as well as Alchemy patterned cotton dresses, also imported from India. As soon as I saw some of the Maiwa patterns, I was keen to add them to my room as a compliment to this painting. I purchased a red and black patterned bedspread and brought it my delight it really contrasted beautifully with the golden browns. A few days later I returned to discover an even more well suited bedspread with a similar palette of muddy grey and beige tones. Well, one must alternate....

I'm strongly drawn to Indian patterns and design, in textiles especially. Obviously one of the dresses was soon to follow, and I justified buying it because the price was very reasonable and I really should have a nice summery dress for the farmer's markets coming up! Below, the dress and the red bedspread, enhanced by a pair of perfect cotton arm gloves made by Scott of Tied Up and Dyed.

 Incidentally, Scott lives just down the road from me and is a seasoned Thanksgiving Tour attraction. He will be #7 on the Tour and I'm's nice having him so close by.

We should each be reasonably easy to find, since our neighbourhood lies just off South road, close to the Village, and less than a ten minute drive straight up the hill from the ferry. I decided I needed to create a better house sign than the one that exists already, and sat down the other night with a small wooden board to paint out my house number. This is the result:

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