Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Blue Horse

The other day I finished painting The Blue Horse. (There is a small chance I may still touch up with some more gold flecks and fine detail sweeps, but otherwise, it is finished.)

The Blue Horse is a phrase derived from the inner mind of my childhood. There is a blurry memory or true dream behind its meaning. When I was about seven, my friend let me take her little toy blue horse home. Holding it through the night, I became attached to it and wanted to keep it. I thought if my friend didn't ask for it back, I wouldn't say anything, and hopefully the blue horse could remain mine. But my mother told me one night before bed as I held it tightly: "You know that belongs to your friend, and you must return it tomorrow" All night I dreamed of some way I could keep my Blue Horse without really having it anymore. And then I did.... I still can see it in my mind today.

Anytime in my life I have wanted something beyond my reach, if it was not to be, I called it a Blue Horse. The Blue Horse is a symbol for wanting what we don't have as well as what we hold on to but cannot keep. There is a comfort and a joy to be had from what remains with us always, the vivid imprint on our soul, and the peace of mind of acceptance and non-attachment. 

~ BLUE HORSE - Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 24"  ~

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  1. Ranza,
    What a lovely hold dear...
    Your painting is magical, BRAVO! for completing it...