Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Turkish Panel

I have a beautiful book called Turkish Delights. It's the prettiest book I've ever come across that celebrates the artistic influence of Turkish culture. Each time I open it I'm entranced. I became fascinated with the pictures of the Sultan's Palace, Topkapi Sarayi in Istanbul, and its "Fruit Room" harem painted during the Tulip Reign in 1703-1730. The floral panels of the room are so luscious you wish you could snatch one away for your own bedroom. How I'd love to stand in front of them and see them myself. Well, closest thing I can do is paint my own version...so this is what I'm doing right now. Not a very clear picture of my work in progress but it has to do for now...I shall use lots of thin layers with linseed oil to keep this painting shiny and rich. The purple looking vase should hopefully morph to one of gold inlay eventually, as I keep working on it. Oddly enough I think it has a bit of a Bloomsbury feel to it...can't help it, I went to Charleston in 2005 and the ghosts of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell embedded themselves in my psyche. The loose and carefree flowers and blotchy brush strokes seem to confirm that!

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