Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wanda Gag

There is a dreamy satisfaction and inspiration to be gained from reading the biographies of various I do I'll share them here. The other night my sister told me she thought I was living the life of Wanda Gag. The quirky name rang a distant bell and I recalled her immediately when reminded that she wrote the book A Million Cats, the oldest illustrated children's book still published in the US (not to say my age has anything to do with my recollection!) I guess it's true...I love to draw as well, we barely make ends meet in our nutty household and yet we fill our home with art, laughter and light, which suits me fine, and also makes for a very enjoyable existence. I looked up some more of Wanda's illustrations and I'm entranced by their magical meanderings.Her work brings to mind a tumbling combination of artists such as  Edward Gorey, Aubrey Beardsley , Gwen Raverat and Arthur Rackham, other favourites of mine. I'm keen to read her biography, hope they have it at the library. Hinting at her feminist and bohemian soul, her striking eyes seem to look at you from the cover of the book as if she has a lot more to tell about her inner life!

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